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Order Fulfillment Center and FBA Prep Services

We offer comprehensive logistics solutions for e-commerce marketplaces, including Fulfillment services, short and long-term storage solutions, and Amazon FBA prep services. With our experience, we are here to support businesses at every stage of the order process.


3PL operations by ShipGru

Our user-friendly and ever-evolving software enables our customers to manage their inventory, track their shipment and choose a shipping company.

E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

All your orders are handed to the shipping carriers on the same day without the need for any additional actions, integrated with all marketplaces.

Amazon FBA Services

Your products are labeled, packaged, and prepared according to Amazon’s instructions, including services such as bundling and poly bagging.

Air Shipping Services

We provide reliable and efficient air freight services, ensuring speed and security for our customers’ international deliveries. With our extensive air cargo network, we can deliver to destinations worldwide on time and without any hassle.



We offer transportation flexibility to our customers with our logistics solutions. With LCL and LTL options, we provide cost savings for your partial shipments, while our FCL service offers increased capacity and reliability for your full container loads.

Warehousing Services

We provide reliable and efficient warehousing services, offering our customers the opportunity to store their products in an organized and secure manner. With our extensive storage facilities and modern inventory management systems, we regularly track our customers’ stocks and respond quickly to their needs.

Return Management

Return Management is a service designed to manage customer return processes and provide effective support for businesses in handling returns. We track customer return requests, retrieve the products, conduct quality control, and manage the entire return process.


Cross Docking

We can fulfill your Cross Docking needs quickly and efficiently.


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Let's familiarize ourselves with the step-by-step process of ShipGru.

There is nothing faster! The turnaround time for all our operations is 1 business day.

PO Creation

Creating purchase orders and informing the system about upcoming products.


Receiving and Quality Control

Accepting the products into the system after individual quality control and inspection.



Moving the products to pallets or box-based storage areas.


Custom Requests

Fulfilling your special requests, including labeling the products.



Arranging the delivery of your boxes or pallets to the logistics companies


Our adventure, which started with dreams, continues with the support of our valued customers.

The ShipGru adventure of the products, which starts with the acceptance of goods, is stored, boxed, labeled and shipped in line with your demands.
Inventory Management and Shipping Service Monitoring
Managing your shipments is easy with the user-friendly and easy-to-use ShipGru panel.
The ShipGru adventure of the products, which starts with the acceptance of goods, is stored, boxed, labeled and shipped in line with your demands.
  • Submit your requests through the panel.
  • Provide controls within the system.
  • Let's make your shipment within 24 hours in line with your requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the product receiving process take?

The product will undergo checks and be accepted within 1 business day.

How long does it take for our orders to be delivered to the shipping company?

All requests are fulfilled and shipped within 1 business day (except during peak seasons).

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes, there is. Please consult our customer representatives for details.

Do you provide both short-term and long-term storage services?

Yes, we do. Please schedule a meeting with our customer representatives for more details.

How often is the billing done?

We operate on a credit system or immediate payment for packages. No credit terms are offered.

Do you offer pallet or master box-based storage and direct shipping services?

Yes, we provide various logistics services to meet your needs.

How can I contact customer service?

You can schedule a meeting using the provided links, chat with us via live chat, or send us an email.

Do you integrate with online marketplaces?

Yes, we can integrate with hundreds of platforms.

Can you accommodate container-based storage?

Yes, whether it’s a single product or a full container, we can handle your storage needs.

Do we need to schedule an appointment before container or truck shipments?

Yes, for high-volume shipments, our team needs to be informed in advance.

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ShipGru offers seamless integration with all major e-commerce marketplaces, enabling efficient management of your inventory and shipping options. With our advanced system, there are no manual transactions or secondary processes required.

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